They have returned to fight Ebola


A story about 2 Guinean scientists who studied in France and returned to their home country to help during the peak of the Ebola crisis, an example that could encourage the repatriation of more educated Africans to development countrie

  • €11,970 Budget in Euros
  • 2018 Final release date
  • 1 Round winner
  • 3 Locations
  • 3 Durations in months

This is a story about two young Guineans who came to France to study and write their dissertations on microbiology and infectious diseases. In 2015, when Ebola was running rampant in West Africa, they volunteered for the French emergency aid organisation Eprus to help their compatriots in need - a life-changing experience. This article will tell the story of the re-integration in their home country, with the purpose of creating a workable, sustainable healthcare system. It’s an example that could encourage the repatriation to developing countries.

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