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Name Category Round Location(s)
Development of telemedicine in Madagascar to improve the daily life of sickle cell anaemia patients 3 Madagascar
A better treatment for African people thanks to their DNA 3 France, Nigeria, Uganda, United Kingdom
India's killer snakes 3 India
The poisoned children of Madagascar in mica mines 3 Madagascar
Inner Peace: The impact of trauma on conflict resolution 3 South Sudan, Uganda
Noma, the faceless disease Multimedia 2 Guinea, Mali
“Ebola business”: the backlash Investigative journalism 2 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Traditional medicine, modern medicine, the end of the war? 2 France, Laos, Thailand
Super-bacteria: the silent epidemic Investigative journalism 2 India
Hepatitis C the big therapeutic injustice 2 Egypt
Innovative ways for curing mental disorders in a refugee camp Written press 2 Bangladesh
Reducing the "infertility belt" of sub-Saharan Africa 2 Cameroon, Ghana
Searching for the lost bacteria Written press 2 Senegal
Ebola in the DRC: a crisis of confidence Written press 2 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Poisoned by the dirty gold Written press 2 Peru
More deadly than Ebola, Lassa fever kills thousands in West Africa each year Written press 2 Ivory Coast
How Africa wants to break the curse of pain 2 Cameroon, Uganda
Tuberculosis: the scourge of another era ravaging India silently Radio 2 India
Data Incognita Written press 1 Côte d'Ivoire, India, Uruguay
Dengvaxia, a lethal vaccine in the Philippines? Multimedia 1 Philippines, Thailand
They have returned to fight Ebola Written press 1 France, Guinea
Ebola - the missing blood Written press 1 Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
How 3D printing can make people walk again Multimedia 1 Togo
Early screening of sickle cell anaemia Written press 1 Burkina Faso
An innovative approach to eradicate tuberculosis in Uganda Multimedia 1 Uganda
Antibiotic resistance: the scandal of mass-production Written press 1 India
Kufungisisa Website 1 Senegal, Zimbabwe
How Africa organises its fight against diabetes Multimedia 1 Côte d'Ivoire
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