Eugenie Baccot



As a French freelance photographer, I’ve covered stories around the world dealing with alternative and unconventional communities, innovative approaches to shifting visions and localities, identity and representation, and unsung pioneers.

My process requires patience and empathy. I aspire to make work which may persist and linger beyond the temporal breaths of their actors, and myself; that every story is a continuation of a longer interwoven dialogue where my photos exist merely as potential points of entry.

To this end, my approach to photography, pure documentary inhabiting somewhere between photojournalism and fine art, seeks to explore the agencies of its subjects, their voices and methods of self-expression. Each story, a form of collaboration we share, an affirmation of an intensely intimate, secluded or amusing experience of personal narrative.

My work consists primarily of personal photographic and editorial projects diffused in French and international press as well as exhibitions. My images and texts have recently been published in Paris Match, Le Monde, Le Monde des Religions, Vanity Fair, VSD, Le Parisien, L’Obs, L'Express, Studio Ciné Live, WeDemain, Days Japan.

I am currently represented by the collective photography agency Divergence Images in France as well as the agency Parallelozero abroad. I am also a represented photographer included in the photo network Women Photograph.

Funded project


In Senegal and Zimbabwe, local initiatives are rising, breaking taboos about mental health and creating possibilities for earlier detection and better treatment in the economic, social and cultural context.