Alice Bomboy



Alice's work is at the crossroad of environment, social issues and science. Scollabores with several newspapers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

She has written about native communities and the threats they are facing because of the exploitation of natural resources on their territories (deforestation in the Congo Basin, reforestation in East Africa, Indigenous fights in Amazonia and palm oil disaster in Indonesia, oil rush in Canada and Artic regions, biopiracy in Peru, etc.). She also covers sustainable development stories (Are the United States going green ? while a correspondent in the USA, El Hierro’s green energy program, sustainable logging in Africa and Brazil, etc.). She also traduces English to French subtitles for the short documentary series If Not Us Then Who, campaigning for Indigenous People's right.

Having a scientific background, she also writes about medicine and the ethics of new technologies for health (nanotechnology, artificial organs, epigenetics, DIYbio, transhumanism, etc.), breaking science news and innovative researches programs and teams. She co-wrote two books, 'Irrespirable', about global air pollution, and 'Médecines d'ailleurs', about traditional medicines.

She has recently covered several stories from Nepal, about climate change in the Himalayas, kids trafficking, the aftermath of war crimes during the decade-long civil rebellion, reconstruction in a post-earthquake era and the issue of dams along Himalayan rivers.

Funded projects

Reaching the unreachable: Nepal's struggles with covid-19 vaccines

Antibiotic resistance: the scandal of mass-production

This project will shed light on a neglected but important cause for antibiotic resistance: the antibiotics production itself, often performed in Asian factories where environmental contamination is hardly cared about.