RFI is a French radio that broadcast globally in French and 12 other foreign languages. With the expertise of its editorial offices based in Paris and its unique network of 400 correspondents over the 5 continents, RFI meets weekly nearly 40 million listeners around the world and its "new media" (website, mobile applications etcetera) register 10 million visits each month.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

The Biomedical Institute in Kinshasa and its research on emerging viruses

The INRB's researchers are working on an early alert warning system to detect unknown viruses.

Traditional medicine, modern medicine, the end of the war?

The WHO recognised traditional medicine practices, provoking an outcry among Western doctors. On the ground, Chinese medicine offers an often effective solution. How to create collaborations between the two approaches?

More deadly than Ebola, Lassa fever kills thousands in West Africa each year

Every year 300,000 people are affected by Lassa fever, causing deaths mainly in Nigeria. Lassa fever remains under-researched and does not receive enough attention. This report will follow the medical teams, facing a silent plague.

Tuberculosis: the scourge of another era ravaging India silently

India accounts for a quarter of all cases of tuberculosis. This project will follow the work of NGOs at the heart of the contagion outbreaks and will investigate the challenges and promises of access to the treatment.