Libération, popularly known as Libé, is a daily newspaper in France, founded in Paris by Jean-Paul Sartre and Serge July in 1973 in the wake of the protest movements of May 1968. Originally a far-left newspaper, it has undergone a number of shifts during the 1980s and 1990s to take the social democrat (centre-left) position, as Serge July puts it, "the equation of Libération consisted in combining counter-culture and political radicalism”. It was the first French daily to have a website. It had a circulation of about 101,000 in 2013.

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“Ebola business”: the backlash

Parts of the funds allocated to the fight against Ebola ended up captured by a system of organised corruption on a large scale. This situation leads to violence against health workers stopping them from fighting the virus.

Traditional medicine, modern medicine, the end of the war?

The WHO recognised traditional medicine practices, provoking an outcry among Western doctors. On the ground, Chinese medicine offers an often effective solution. How to create collaborations between the two approaches?

Reaching the unreachable: Nepal's struggles with covid-19 vaccines

Tuberculosis: the scourge of another era ravaging India silently

India accounts for a quarter of all cases of tuberculosis. This project will follow the work of NGOs at the heart of the contagion outbreaks and will investigate the challenges and promises of access to the treatment.