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Le Monde is a French daily newspaper founded by Hubert Beuve-Méry and continuously published in Paris since 1944. It is one of the most important and widely respected newspapers in the world. It reports an average circulation of 323,039 copies per issue in 2009, about 40,000 of which are sold abroad and it has been available on the Internet since 1995. Since its start, Le Monde has covered national and world news in depth and analysed it closely. Its writers have the freedom to present their own views, with the result that Le Monde reveals no unified policies or consistent ideological outlook. Its independence, which never wavered from its founding, despite early and grave financial worries, has brought it denunciation at one time or another from every part of the French political spectrum.

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Data Incognita

20 development countries are taking a major stride forward in the fight against cancer by developing national registers of the disease - an epidemiologic lesson for the French government.

Ebola - the missing blood

Thousands of Ebola blood samples collected during the 2014-2016 epidemic in West Africa have been shipped all around the world. Today, nobody knows where they all ended up.

Antibiotic resistance: the scandal of mass-production

This project will shed light on a neglected but important cause for antibiotic resistance: the antibiotics production itself, often performed in Asian factories where environmental contamination is hardly cared about.

How Africa organises its fight against diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer in Africa, and fatality is rising. While international financing is more oriented towards transmitted diseases, some local actors are exploring telemedicine and health at work as possible measures.